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Successful digital business transformation demands unwavering determination, a positive mindset, and a solid strategy. The key lies in innovative models that provide exceptional value to customers. Leaping requires courage, but success is well within reach with a confident approach. Setbacks and challenges may arise, but extraordinary leaders and organisations push boundaries to become Change Makers. We empower and prepare our clients for their transformational journey, equipping them to overcome obstacles and charting their unique path towards building new skills, organisational structures and (digital) business processes.

Digital Business Transformation Services

digital business transformation Consulting

Off To New Lands

Transformation Strategy (Vision)

Transformation Roadmap & Execution

Organisational Development (Set-up & Competencies)
digital business transformation Consulting

Find Your New Flow

Target Operating Model & Organisation

Digital Transformation (Tool Landscape)

Process Assessment (Efficiency)
digital business transformation Consulting

Begin To Walk your NU WAYS

New Business Models for Products

New Business Models for Services

New Ways of Working & Collaborating


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Melanie is an experienced transformation leader who helps individuals, organisations, and teams navigate change with clear strategies and evidence-based solutions. She is a creative driving force who fosters a positive, change-oriented mindset, builds resilient team morale, and excels in dynamic environments. Melanie is a true “Transformational Catalyst” who combines her digital process engineering expertise with her people coach skills.

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