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Melanie Wild-Schleiffelder is the driving force behind and managing director of iMellan GmbH. She is bringing her vast subject matter expertise and unparalleled creative vision to every aspect of the company’s operations. As the founder and managing director, she stands at the helm of a dynamic and thriving business, leading towards continued success and growth.

Meet Melanie – an exceptional individual dedicated to helping leaders, teams, and individuals transform their businesses and lives.

With vast experience across various industries and organisations, she has successfully navigated dynamic, transformation-driven environments, even during challenging economic conditions. Having witnessed the growth of digital transformation, lean process engineering, and disruptive business models, Melanie understands the impact of change on individuals and what it takes to navigate it successfully.

Her remarkable collaboration with leaders, teams, and individuals undergoing business and personal transformations provides them with clear strategies, holistic views, and the necessary clarity to develop a positive change mindset, new ways of thinking, and resilient change morale. Melanie’s work is truly inspiring and has helped many to achieve their goals and transform their lives and businesses.

Melanie is an exceptional leader who expertly guides individuals and organisations through periods of transformation with a practical and unwavering approach. 

Recognising that change is gradual, she avoids making assumptions and remains grounded. Melanie leverages her extensive expertise in effectively analysing complex organisations and personal pain points, coaching individuals and teams going through changes, designing digital target operating models, and transforming and optimising business processes.

She applies innovative strategies, coaching methods, and creative visualisation techniques to facilitate personal and professional development for individuals and teams. She fosters a safe and trusted environment that empowers everyone to find new solutions beyond the obvious – even in the most challenging and complex situations.

Melanie generously shares her extensive knowledge and facilitates change by providing guidance and using frameworks, methodologies, and toolkits to ensure successful transformations. She empowers individuals to reach their full potential with her motivation and inspiration.

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