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Merry Christmas!

Dear all,

Once more, it’s been another unusual year for all of us! We hope you all got through it healthy and sound to most extend.

For us it’s been a year of a full blown transformation and fundamental growth development. We grew into our new skins as Entrepreneurs and Coaches. And we learned our bit for sure.

We created and added more online programs and enabling coaching modules to our portfolio for individuals but also for business and corporate customers.

We enhanced and refined our end-to-end digital platforms and technical set-up and our customer reach.

We made methods, tools and processes fit our approach and (efficient) way of doing things.

We became friends with book keeping, tax, legal and contract matters 😉 .

And we enjoyed to the fullest the time we were spending with our clients and the time we were spending to guide them through their personal or corporate transformation journeys which we are very thankful for!

All this was achieved thanks to very long hours of hard work, 200% dedication – and the fullest support from our families and friends, which we are grateful for. We did not leave our progress up to a chance – we took the driver seat and drove it ourselves! 

  • Was the juice we gained with our hard work worth the squeeze? Absolutely! 
  • Are we happy with what we have achieved to date and how we handled the year with everything that’s been thrown into our way? Yes, we are absolutely happy with it!
  • Are we tired and exhausted? Yes, we are indeed – but now we have a bit of a rest! We are looking forward to the Holiday Season and the time we can spend with our families and loved ones and that we are able to recharge our batteries. 
  • Are we ready to take on new challenges next year? Yes, we are ready – but now a bit slower and with the intent to allow us a bit more time for ourselves!

So life is all about balance and self care! Make it fit your purpose – not the other way around! You find this attitude at the core of our Coaching & Consulting Approach, Online Programs – and basically of everything we do. And you can do this as well – if you want to live your best personal and professional life despite all the circumstances around. Leave Doubts, Procrastination, Anxiety and Uncertainty behind you by working with us! 

Enjoy the Holiday Season! Merry Christmas to you and your families!

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay optimistic!


Melanie & Angelika


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