Personal Change Coaching & Counselling will help and guide you to make the changes you want for your Life, Career and/or Business.

Working with Melanie on a 1:1 basis empowers and enables you to find and take the right actions and ways to live a healthier and more purposeful life and so you can lead a thriving sustaining business. Personal Change Coaching & Counselling is right for everyone who either wants an individual approach, personal guidance and focused progress or who wants an one-off booster session while working with our Self Coaching Program.

Personal Change Coaching & Counselling [German/English]

- Online & Face-To-Face -

(Side) Business Launch

Business Development

Leadership & Management

Career Change

Lack of Motivation & Purpose

Performance Issues

Job Interview Preparation

Negotiation Skills & Preparation

Job Satisfaction

Workplace Conflicts

Communication Issues

Decision Making

New Business Services & Areas


- Online & Face-To-Face -

Stress Management & Burnout

Decision Making & Procrastination

Lack of Motivation & Purpose

New Life Chapter

Life Priorities & Lifestyle Change

Life Organisation

Work-Life Balance

Family Organisation

Overcoming Trauma & Grief

Behaviour Change (Lifestyle, Health, Healthy Eating)

- Only Face-To-Face -

Common mental  or health uses of supportive hypnosis coaching include for example: 

Stress and anxiety

Anger management

Behavior control issues (incl. losing weight, eating healthy, giving up smoking, ..)

Post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD)

panic attacks, stage fright

trauma, grief

pain control

insomnia, phobias, …

and many other mental & medical conditions.

Dare To Be You!

Life & Business Self Coaching Programs

Join our ONLINE SELF COACHING SPACES to dedicate time purposefully to yourself, to your career and/or to your business. Take transformative and reflective self care timeouts to nurture your Business, personal Well-Being, personal Development and (Mental) Health – like you would do if you would spend time at the gym, at the hairdresser, at the beautician, reading a book, etc. 

With our affordable, flexible and transformative Business & Skill-Up Solutions and Change Enablement Coaching you can get where you want to get fast, effective and purposeful.We help you to reach your life, career and business goals fast and impactful – all in balance with your personal environment and needs.


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